Monday, June 14, 2010


I woke up late this was a long weekend. And so our Monday morning began in a mad rush to make the bus. Not easy when Monday morning transitions can be hard to do. But my kids were incredible troopers! Better than troopers. DeDe raced on without her headband accepting a fashion compromise in style. And when C.S. stepped on the bus, of course he immediately noticed whatever around him might have changed or was different, which in this case set off a compliment. "I like your hair" he said to our driver Holly. Her face erupted into a grin. She turned to me amazed at this rarest sort of sincerity that only comes from children. "He notices everything!" she said. "Yes. He does." And he does. I have no idea what was different. The color or the cut? But he noticed. He notices absolutely everything, every single detail. This is his personal NOS-style of Autism. And, at times, yes, it is wonderful.


  1. Interesting how "complimentary/complementary" things come with NOS sometimes.. :)

  2. True! So true. (Of course I quick-clicked to to double check that I had used the right one and correctly.)

    And aren't the similarities between these 2 words also interesting? Seems somehow poetic to me that the defining nuance hinges on an "I" in the center.

    I suspect C.S. will eventually complete this NOS puzzle of his by mastering the very skill he displayed on the bus. He is learning to glean from the cacophony of things he notices something that he can translate into flattery—from complement to compliment. Unfortunately, so far, while it certainly works on adult women, it hasn't helped him connect to his peers. He's trying all sorts of strategies, some good, some I have to redirect. But, I'm sure he'll eventually find success there too.


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