Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Nov. 1, 2009 was my first day off the job. Last year, in the midst of a frightening economy, I quit my salaried position for a number of reasons but primarily to focus on and advocate for my son, to actively turn around what had become a truly unbearable situation for him at school.

This past week, I reflected on how thankful I am that I was able to take that huge step. I am grateful to my husband for accepting the financial compromise we made and supporting my decision. I am grateful to a co-worker for the most timely introduction to the person who would become my primary client as I made the move to freelance. And I am grateful to my client, for understanding my need for flexible hours and allowing me to schedule according to an outside priority.

And, in a years time, as this blog only begins to attest to, we have come miles, for both children, but mostly for my son. His needs were so great, they took priority.

But now, as we have begun to celebrate such wonderful results, I am beginning to turn my attention to my daughter. Although not as great and a bit harder to realize, it seems help is needed there too. There have been many moments I felt like posting about her lately – and so, I think you can expect to hear more about DeDe.

But for now, here's a short list of the harvest I'm so thankful to enjoy
•receiving special services at school
• finding a wonderful social worker that has truly helped our children and our family
• finding a great weekend "buddy group" to practice social skills and meeting other families we can connect to
• being assigned a great classroom teacher with a background in special education
• conversations, true exchanges, with our son
• sitting through a meal
• playdates
• Pokemon cards, perfect way for C.S. to engage other 3rd grade boys
• our family friends who joined in our meal this Thanksgiving
• my freelance clients for both design and writing
• and the many Mom's who blog (and sometimes make me cry) and open their hearts wide to the world.

Silver Lining: I can no longer bank on a salary, but my compensation has been much greater. This November is very different than last year. We are truly feasting on the fruits of our labor.


  1. Value is so much more than dollars. I'm so glad that you can see a difference!

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