Monday, November 8, 2010

When Lonely is a Good Thing

I made an appointment with C.S.'s med manager for a follow up. I really can't wait bring him in and show her what a tremendous effect 2 teensy mg has made.

We haven't been completely free of melt downs or social challenges, they're still with us. The greatest change has been to talk with C.S. and to watch him explore these now quieter, content moments in ways he hasn't been able to before.

For example, this weekend, C.S. told his Dad seemingly out of the blue, that he wanted to see a beautiful church. That's a huge connection that was made there — not only that he was seeking beauty, perhaps a spiritual connection, but also as I'm sure his father who is an architect noticed, that he sought a inspiring architecture. And so they took a drive and of course his Dad knew exactly where to go on a crisp, sunny but cold New England Saturday. He took him to an antique white country chapel with an ancient church yard filled with hand carved stones. Although empty and not a time for service, the doors were unlocked and they explored the pews and altar in solitude. And then they went outside, bundled up against a cold blue sky and touched the stones, read the names and discussed how coffins were buried underground. This is a surprising discussion. Topics such as this have often caused fear and anxiety for C.S., but this time, he seemed merely curious.

Also this weekend, as it has been for the past two, C.S. awoke on Sunday demanding a playdate and complaining of lonliness. This is completely new. This is good, really good. Clearly, his desire to connect to others and make friends if greater than it has ever been.


  1. It's a funny conundrum, isn't it? First you want them to feel something, anything... and then you don't want them to feel it so much. Progress is progress- 2 mg at a time! :)


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