Thursday, December 30, 2010

Big Smile

Here's a little shout out to a great dentist, Dr. Dinkes.

C.S. just wouldn't wiggle his teeth. He said it hurt. And so, they've been loose for over 6 months. The adult teeth had no option but to grow in behind them and the tiny little pearls that are his baby teeth simply pushed forward and straight out. We started calling them his shark teeth. But no amount of encouragement for him to wiggle them out himself could get these things to come out now. They'd have to be pulled.

I made the appointment. It seemed the week between Christmas and New Years would be the most opportune time to schedule an absolute melt down, if ever there was a time for such a thing.

I tried to think of what to say to the dentist. How I would explain the situation. What I might recommend. And so, when we arrived at their offices, I asked to speak to him first. I just briefly explained that my son has anxiety and sensory issues, that he is on the Autism Spectrum and I was pretty sure this would not go well.

I was surprised when he stepped out into the waiting room. He greeted us and began to immediately address my son. He was PERFECT! He seemed to know exactly what to do, the right demeanor, the right words, what I thought was an incredible display of competence and confidence.

Instead of being out in the large open room where we typically are for cleanings, they gave him a private room. The doctor and his staff explained everything and they had C.S. participate in as much as he could. Dr. Dinkes even placed the tool in his hand below his own so C.S. could "pull the tooth himself."

We weren't without tears or a scream or two, of course. But this extraction went SO SO SO much better than I ever imagined. I had cleared out our whole afternoon expecting to deal with the aftermath. But even with Novacaine, C.S. was in a wonderful mood. And so was I.

Dr. Dinkes even called to check in on his patient later that evening. What an amazing Professional.

Big Smiles here.

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  1. Love it when a whole post is a silver lining! Wonderful news.


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