Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Clear Directions

Turns out, for our Christmas trip South, it was the "North" in North Carolina that was so confusing. This has never been a problem before. But C.S. has new knowledge — such as a fundamental understanding of North and South — and these new awarenesses often reveal how literally C.S. takes certain things.

It made little sense to him that to arrive at a place named North we were headed to the South. Even after I quickly cleared up the earlier North Pole confusion, I still had to explain a bit about one thing being relative to another. Of the two Carolinas, there is one above and one below, a North and a South, but that both states are in the South which is the Southern portion of the US, in North America. Understanding his perspective, even I was embarrassed by my clarification that was close to but not enough like a Laurel and Hardy skit. It was a set of confusing directions.

Silver Lining: I've long appreciated the opportunity to see a fresh perspective. My son offers it to me in the most unexpected ways on an almost daily basis.

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  1. Going a little geeky on this, this experience is a hands on dose of relativity theory 101 or really 0.101 — that all motion must be defined by a frame of reference. I needed to provide an accurate frame of reference for my son.


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