Friday, December 17, 2010

Waiting for Attention

I picked up the kids from school a little early yesterday, to take DeDe to her appointment. C.S. was escorted to me by his teacher. The teacher just wanted to explain how difficult it had been. Dad is traveling, so this is not entirely unexpected. But it sounds like this bad day was much harder than his typical bad day has been. Another badder than bad day at school. Please, help us make it through the winter.

But today's appointment would focus on DeDe. Somehow I'd have to share an equal amount of concern for her. Even though relative to her brother, she's a breeze, clearly she needs help too. Even when C.S. is in a state, demanding attention.

I knew C.S. would calm down once he was with me. I'd let him have the iPad while we waited out the appointment. And then I'd be able to sit beside him. Let him lean against me, press his head into my shoulder like he has, always, into some part of me. Eventually, I'd just absorb all the pressure he has been feeling.

C.S. was conflicted however. Here he was in the offices of these two wonderful women who typically help him. He greeted Dr. FineTime with his most charming hop up and smile and though she returned the warmth, it was DeDe who was allowed to follow her in. This time he was left in the waiting room.

He stole away at one point and walked into Dr. FineTime's office, interrupting their coloring session. I pulled him back again. "Its her turn, honey."

And now, DeDe has her own diagnosis. A classic case of ADD.

Silver Lining: My children are incredibly intelligent and bright. They have active minds and over-active bodies. They are caring and loving and beautiful. But somehow, we gave them an extra dose of individuality. It's going to be especially hard in this region of the U.S. where everyone around us seems to place such a premium on fitting in solidly with some group or another. Thankfully, we've found a group of professionals who can help us while supporting their wonderful distinctiveness. Because, they are beautiful. Or as Dr. FineTime says, "they're just delicious."

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