Saturday, January 8, 2011

Accepting Style

It is an honor to receive this "award." It is an honor because it was passed to me from Professor Mother who seems like one smart lady (smart is synonymous with stylish in my family's parlance) and because she placed me in the company of JoyMama of Elvis-Sightings; Jess of Diary of a Mom and has yet again introduced me to such another good read in the blog of Autism Mommy Therapist. Please see her original post, which of course is of interest itself.

To accept this honor, I must also accept the rules to share 7 things about myself and then pass it forward to three other blogs that I nominate (and as Professor Mother realized, that in doing so, I will then reveal how I respond to such requests to respond to rules, do I follow, do I rebel, do I over-comply and do 7 plus 4 more as well?). And so...

The Big Reveal
1) Although I waited tables as most college kids do, I also applied for all sorts of odder than typical odd jobs. Filling out my resumé of quirks is my semi-professional experience as; a live mannequin, a mixer of glazes for a potter, a maid, a color corrector at a photo lab, a party photographer, a press-operator and a stripper (not clothes, its another position in a printing company long since replaced by technology and so the mention of it raises eyebrows even better. Yup, I drop the title purposely for effect).

2) I am an identical mirror twin. This means that every time my sister and I went to medical appts, doctors suddenly dropped their passive professional demeanor and openly geeked out over the genetically induced freak show that is the sheer completeness of our similarities. The orthodontist holds up our XRays and proclaims OMG! "If I flip one it almost superimposes on the other." And yes, an OBGYN jumped from one examining room to the other to compare us there and unable to filter his surprise shared "her cervix tilts to the left and yours the right!" Good to know eh.

3) I developed a theory called the "Barbie Prophesy." My older sister's doll "Ann" lived in the Barbie Town House and was "the richest" in Barbie town. My twin sister's doll "Adrienne" lived in the Barbie Airplane and was "the smartest" in Barbie town. It is amazing how well these correlate with the lifestyles they lead now. And so I have to ask, why is it my parents gave me the Barbie log cabin?

4) I've written a collection of poetry about my daughter that I'm trying to get published.

5) I have a inner desire to be if not Amish than an old woman that weaves, knits, makes about anything. So I guess the log cabin is really appropriate.

6) I have a strange knack for spotting hawks. I see them everywhere. My husband thinks it evidence that I was a mouse in a previous life. A friend who is part Cherokee finds more romantic symbolism including that it denotes I am one at war. I feel I'm fighting for my kids and so I guess it is so.

7) I have a long derivation of knick-names that include Ibets among others.

And so I nominate:
MOM-NOS: I stumbled upon this blog in the middle of a desperate late-night search for answers (are there any other kind of internet searches) and her most timely, most eloquent entry lifted me at a time when I most needed it.

Laughing Through Tears: The funniest bumper sticker ever forms the opening banner of her blog. You'll find hard truths and good gallows humor here and no cheap tears.

And I'm afraid I must admit
I don't read as many blogs as I would like. Professor Mother has awarded all of the others I follow. If I could recommend a third, I'd recommend her.


  1. I tried to post links to everyone and failed!

  2. Ok, so I'm ROLLING on the ground! The gynocologist- OMG!!! And having LIVED in a log cabin, can't see the romance of it... see MY list item #1. :) The Navajo see hawks as symbols of connection to the Divine Spirit- indicating wisdom, communication and yes, even death in the grand scheme of connections. Powerful connection, that...

  3. I did take note of your log cabin past! and just thought, ah-ha, I like her even more.

    And yes, Cherokee too recognize hawks as messengers. When walking to my compost bin, one swooped down above my head startling me and so I immediately called my friend. She said a message had been delivered to me. To divine what that message was, was harder and ran the gammut from I was either pregnant or about to engage in a war. I think it was both?


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