Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bragging Rights

I just read today's blog over at A Thinking Person's Guide to Autism.

You know, information soothes me. Reading their blog was exactly the sort of coping strategy I needed today. Learning more about twice exceptional children (a term I was first introduced to over at calmed me. Because it was so rational, because it made so much sense and because, it resonated with me completely. I believe both my children are 2e types; one with PDD-NOS and the other ADD.

So while venting about dodge ball in my blog last night helped to some degree, it provided a release and kept me from blowing up entirely, then to understand exactly what it means to be Gifted and Twice-Exceptional and to re-focus on our actual goal not of just "fitting-in" but being a "success" helped me get back on track, move ahead and continue with my journey.

I also learned how to insert a link. So if you were confused about the whole purple reference, check out this post over at MOM-NOS, I so very strongly recommend it!

And yeah, I gave up on blogging about character. I have plenty going on. But I am seriously considering adopting a negative character trait — bragging.

I mean, my children do some exceptional things. So, although there are things they do that people find irritating, even me, all in all though, they are beautiful children. They are rare and wonderful in so many ways, and really bright. All I want is to make certain that their strengths are appreciated in this world. Why not just start calling 'em out a little bit.

So while my parents instilled in me the notion that to brag is crass and coarse and not appropriate at all, I've noticed that our society has gotten lazy about forming our own opinions. We're too addicted to marketing. For example, someone might say, "I don't eat sweets..." and then proceed to eat a whole brownie. What amazes me how many people if asked would say that this person does not like sweets. They trust not what they witnessed, but what they were told. That is why I'll brag, I'll tweet, I'll spin and market them, it is the nature of our contemporary society.

My C.S. is fascinated by shock waves and negative numbers, they thrill him. He has found countless errors of fact between his Pokemon cards and his Pokedex the whole litany of which he can recite down to the page number whenever asked. And he is becoming fluent in facts about birds (we've attempted to substitute a Sibley's Guide for the Pokedex and piggy back on his Pokemon interest a little bit). On a recent entrance exam, when asked, if you could have any super power, what would it be?, he answered: "to enter into other people's dreams." So not only are his tests scores as high as you might expect as "normal" for high-functioning autism, he has an eloquent lyricism unusual even here.

My DeDe sat down and produced valentine's cards for her entire class without me saying anything at all. She thinks I don't know that she has a flashlight beneath her pillow to read her book at night or that she goes downstairs and draws for hours in her basement "studio" after I'm asleep. And though this makes for difficult mornings, she has produced some imaginative and truly original drawings. She is inspired by the artists that were introduced to her in her after-school enrichment class. And she read with rapt attention and with an expression of such intense empathy and concern her Girl Scout book about being a Factor of Change. She has such sensitive and exceptionally caring qualities about her.

Silver Lining: I have exceptional children!

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