Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Daily Character

I've decided to accept a general challenge from www.nablopomo.com to write a post every day during the month of February (thankfully a short month) on the topic of Character.

Expounding on character seems do-able, especially as it connects to my greater topic of individualism and raising my children. I believe it is evident from everything I've written here already, that there is nothing I appreciate more than a "true character." And I don't just mean eccentrics. Characters I admire are people who have a real sense of self, who are secure in their own skin.

Of course, character is a word rich in meaning. It is associated not just with someone's individual traits, but so much more — such as their moral or ethical qualities; integrity; actors become them on stage (we are a family with strong connections to theater); letterforms and typeface are characters too (appeals to my design training) — and so yes, the full range of character includes topics of particular interest to me.

Let's see what we can make of it.

Silver Lining: I will still include my silver lining. I expect my overall approach to remain the same. But maybe this suggested thread could help me tie up a neat bundle of thought, at least throughout February — and perhaps, help me keep my posts short!

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