Saturday, February 12, 2011

Purple Envy

In some ways, I am jealous of you other Spectrum Moms in the real thick of battle out there. You seem to bond with other blogging Mommies dealing with similarly daunting situations. You have such a hugely supportive network in Autism Speaks. I on the other hand feel like we're neither here nor there.

When I read about the sort of support MOM-NOS received for her Bud, I thought I had found such an incredible example. I wanted so much for my C.S. To receive something similar. (see I even sent links to various MOM-NOS posts to the school social worker, certain we could emulate her success. But the school social worker explained my son's autism was just not, well bad enough, to warrant calling such attention to it or having such a classroom discussion.

I was reminded of all this when on Friday, C.S. came home with a "grouchy" on his behavior chart indicating a difficulty, an unexpected behavior, some sort of situation during recess. The note explained he would not participate. I gently discussed his day, dancing softly over to the problem area so that he might describe to me what had happened.

For crying out loud ... It was dodge ball again! And once again, they expected him -- him, a kid with serious sensory issues, who winces just entering in that loud echoey gym and who struggles to understand why it is appropriate to have even slight physical contact during sports much less being blasted with a ball -- to actually participate. And were they honestly surprised that he got upset after being hit, that he'd have difficulty dealing with it?

His therapist helped C.S. Discover a new coping strategy, something that will help him really take action to begin calming himself. He will begin counting things. we tried it today, it really works

still. Why won't the team at school wear purple for him?

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