Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The kids spent the school day at the Quirky School that we are strongly considering. They both liked it very much.

We also went swimming again — and so I claim that we have succeeded in making swimming a routine family event: great for C.S.'s sensory needs, DeDe has a blast and gets to feel accomplished, hubbie and I take turns in the lanes getting much needed exercise and together we lead the kids in a family swim class to polish their strokes and work off the weight that has come on so quickly since C.S. began medication. Its a win-win-win-win swim date.

I've got a long post brewing, it is something I need to write, some things I need to figure out and get that silver lining out there for myself. I always think of blogs as being more unedited, more spontaneous (like this one) but... the truth is, sometimes I just work things out not exclusively by writing but more importantly, through the editing process. Besides, this one deals with church, spirituality and faith. It's no small subject.

Silver Lining: Everything is better savored and so at times deserves a second look.

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