Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Despite what feels like a constant and at times tiresome effort, I am always surprised when I recognize an accomplishment, a surprised little moment of "Hey we did it! Did you see that, we did it." I'm still grinning about his "fragile feelings."

So of course I tapped off an email to his special ed teacher ... not only would she understand and empathize but definitely, I'd ask her to build upon this.

I had actually contacted her first, wondering if this was something they had discussed. My first reaction had been to assume he had been directed to use such a phrase, that he couldn't have realized it himself. She responded quickly and she made it ovbious she shared my excitement. She also seemed to predict where my train of thought would lead, how did this happen?

And so she offered a little insight, something that might help explain it from the school's perspective. Feelings have been a topic of discussion in their writing classes, something C.S. has been thoroughly enjoying.

Apparently, he's experienced a fortuitous intersection or confluence of discussions about feelings. It has been the topic of his buddy group, I assume it's almost always the topic during his school pull-out therapies, we recently discussed it at home after our last boy scout meeting, and now as part of the regular classroom discussion, his world seems to agree, that this is an important lesson.

The facilitator of his social skills class stresses the importance, in addition to practicing at home, of sharing the lessons they review over the weekend with his team at school. This is the best way to achieve success, this sort of confluence. He provides us with hand outs and check lists to give to the school. I've not been very good about turning those in every week. I just assumed the school would not want to track yet another set of behaviors and so never pushed it. Oh, but thankfully, this week, it was just in the stars!

Silver Lining: I'm convinced more than ever of the importance in communication and coordination of our efforts, between school, home and outside therapies. It is important we see ourselves as being on the same team. And so this encourages me, not only to share the lessons with his team at school from his buddy group (I have got to get that stuff copied and sent!), but also to stand up and insist the school respond appropriately to requests for understanding and support for DeDe. We shouldn't be treated as the opposition. We're simply trying to join them. That's why we're coming broadside, not to fight, but to jump on board. If we act as allies, we can win this and so much more.

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