Friday, March 11, 2011

Play it One More Time Sam

We'll see Samantha today ... but today, it will have to be the last time. We'll have to say good-bye.

We've been fortunate to duck many of the economy's worst blows, but no longer. This week, it kicked us square in the back seat, right over the wallet-pocket.

I truly do not want to leave Samantha. Her keen insight, perception — her ability to share our perspective and then provide a slight adjustment to it — has been invaluable. But as I've complained before, it is a luxury we could barely afford and now simply can't.

I'll give this last session over to DeDe. It is unfortunate because they were just beginning to develop the trust that would have been essential to making progress. One sad part of forming a close bond is the moment you must break it. And I hate to have to break this off between them.

Maybe, once things straighten out a bit, we'll be able to start up again, somewhere close to where we left off.

But for now, for all we know, today will be the last.

Silver Lining: Samantha is amazing. I'm glad to know her, to have experience Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. Every session we had seemed to bring if not immediate progress, then a plan to keep us headed in that direction. I'm thankful for every second, every dollar, every moment of this investment. She's a person who made a difference, who made this world a better place.

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