Monday, March 7, 2011

PPT, for the Other One

I have a PPT at the school this afternoon, not for C.S., but for my daughter DeDe. I'm requesting that they begin testing her.

She is so clearly struggling, both socially and academically. Focus and organization have always been mild concerns. And though her therapist described her as a "classic case" of ADD combined type, I've not always found it was that very apparent.

Not until recently. Lately it seems that not only has she withdrawn further and further into her very independent and secretive self, that some sort of cognitive fog has enveloped her. I want to figure this one out.

And so, I am prepared for this meeting. I have copied all her reports cards and testing. I've highlighted the appropriate areas. I've charted a clear decline in reading comprehension. And I can't help but reflect how poorly prepared I was for that fateful PPT when C.S. lost services at the end of his Kindergarten year.

Never again I said then, never again would I assume they simply have my child's best interest at heart. They, the staff, represent the school's interest. I am the representative for my children, for my very valid concerns. The PPT is a playing field. I am not coming in with an advocate, not this time. Hopefully there'll be no need to pull in a ringer. I really think I can do this on my own, but we'll see. We'll see.

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