Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Reply to Recommended Reading

So, it turns out a former classmate of mine has been working in the field of autism since he graduated college. He offered to make a few "virtual introductions" to autism groups in our area, always appreciated, and asked if I was interested in his group's recommended reading list.

I always enjoy a good book. I really do. It is helpful to get as much information as possible. I replied of course, that this has been a real education for me. But, as I explained to him, I have the order of study all jumbled. I feel as if I'm completing a long internship for my PhD while simultaneously studying for a Bachelors degree in ASD related issues. And who knows, in the next ten years or so, I might earn enough of an education to qualify as being the Master of something.


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  2. Thank you so much! Looking forward to hearing from you.


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