Friday, April 1, 2011

Lighting Up with Good News!

I'm celebrating awareness today!! And not just by lighting up my house tonight in blue to provoke friends and neighbors to ask me about autism, but also because our process with the school has shifted noticeably from adversarial to collaborative!

It really does work to follow the steps. Even though they pushed us into a PPT and hence a legal direction, we would not be intimidated. We held our ground. We never stopped insisting that those who can, please listen and try to understand our children. If it's your field, if you're their teacher, the school social worker or principal, I will expect you to help them. I will hold you to those expectations somehow. And we used the legal proceedings to our advantage.

But enough with that, I want to stick with this glowing silver lining which was a team meeting to discuss DeDe. This meeting was not a face off, but was full of ears, open minds, warm souls and discussions with all parties weighing in. It was wonderful. It felt like progress. And it was perfectly appropriate to her needs. We love how independent and resilient she is, but considering the social concerns we're seeing, we needed to know, as my husband said, that someone has her back at school. And now we feel like they do.

Silver Lining: The month of distress was worth it.


  1. Amen! These victories are worth the struggle!

  2. Yes! Oh Laura, you're going to be such a good teacher. If you can only know how parents will treasure you and how the children will never know how good they have it ... and how good that is. Congratulations to Bridgeport!


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