Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Annual Review

I have a PPT this afternoon for C.S. I'm never quite sure what to expect, exactly what level of vigilance is appropriate.

This I am told, is not one of those critical junctures where we're likely to lose services. The one to be worried about will be the triennial review, 2 years from now, when he prepares to transition to middle school. That is what a friend of mine faced last week. She is an OT. She works with special needs children in the school system and she has so much more means than the typical parent to advocate for her daughter and yet, she left her PPT having lost the services she's convinced her daughter depends upon for success and happiness. I feel for them.

Of course, I started to worry after I spoke to her. I requested my son's reports so that I could review them prior to today's meeting. I was prepared to read up on a new law that apparently was recently enacted and affects who can receive special education. But the speech therapist reassured me that today's meeting will be routine. That I need not worry. There are no psycho-education testing or evaluations to review. Just his progress and a draft IEP. And Mrs. Wall won't be there either, as we had requested.

So, I'm trying not to get anxious about it. But, at the very least, if I can't do anything else, I will always worry. As I look back over this blog of mine, I realize just how constant my advocacy is. How much I deal with every day. This year has made a difference.

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  1. Follow Up: The PPT for C.S. went remarkably well! Add to that, we had a meeting to review the staff's observations of DeDe the following morning, that went well too. Everyone listened, seemed concerned, welcomed our comments and incorporated our feedback and requested additions and revisions. It was so wonderfully collaborative!!

    How did this happen? Was it because I scared them with the letter of complaint? Was it because Mrs. Wall wasn't in the mix this time? Or has the culture of the place actually shifted on its own accord? I'll never know for certain, but I celebrate it all the same!


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