Sunday, May 15, 2011

Big Gains

Well, I can't say enough for medication. As I've noted before, 2 teensy mgs have made a big difference around here.

In addition to adding to his general calm, the medication also stimulated C.S.'s appetite — not a bad thing. But surprisingly, C.S. has become self-conscious about his weight gain — he's added 12 pounds since the start of school, so it is fairly significant. I don't think anyone has said anything to him, I know we haven't. Still, he's decided he is on a diet and he's taking his decision seriously — he asked us to buy only turkey bacon and no pork bacon; he checks the calorie count on all food labels; he is constantly commenting on the health benefits or detractions of various foods; and he welcomes our push to move him off training wheels as "his exercise." (He did that too this month. He's 9 years old and is finally off training wheels and riding a big boy bike.)

Since the pounds have come on quickly, it seems 2 mgs is a bit too teensy these days. His anxiety began to creep higher and we were reminded all over again what life used to be like.

And so, we are exploring switching to a new medication. I'm told it tastes HORRIBLE! But C.S. was able to take it, literally. And so, rather than increase his dose of Abilify, we've added a dose of Saphris to it. If we see improvement, then we'll move off the old onto a full dose of the new. We've seen improvements already. A return to the new norm and I can't say enough.

So far, C.S. has been able to handle the death of 2 goldfish, a huge change in routine at home, the tossing of a number of toys — all within one week. This amount of change is unprecedented and it has amazed me.

Silver Lining: If anyone needs to be on a diet, it's me. But right now, I'm enjoying the feeling of a plush and happy family! We're fat and happy and I wouldn't change it for anything!

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