Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pack Rash

Yesterday, C.S. konked out cold at 11:30 a.m. for what became a 3+ hour nap. I must have checked on him twenty times and then, kept on packing, wrapping and packing. The quiet, the uninterrupted productivity, the strange boredom of three quiet hours with no running script babbling in the background, no child pacing around the house, through the doors that constantly need closing, was unnerving — something was definitely wrong.

At bath time, I discovered that a rash had blossomed all over his torso, upper arms and upper legs. He hadn't eaten anything out of the ordinary. He wasn't itchy. There was no fever. With a rash so wide spread over his entire body, it seemed the best solution would be to give him Benedryl. I had given him cold medicine once before, as an infant. Then, he did not fall peacefully asleep, but became agitated like I had never seen. Even though I rely heavily upon Benedryl myself, I've avoided almost all medications like this for him ever since.

The nurse at our practice is wonderful. She was very reassuring. She cautioned that it could be strep, but that it might be a virus and recommended that we see the doctor first thing in the morning. Fortunately this morning's test proved negative for strep. If it's anything, I'd say the cause is most certainly stress.

Silver Lining: It wasn't serious, he got three hour nap and I got a great deal of packing done. And today, even though I lost valuable time going to the doctor's office, a friend came by, whisked my kids away to her house, left them with her daughter as baby sitter and returned to pack 5 boxes of fragiles for me while I got some work done for a client. Wow. A friend who recognizes and responds to your need is a friend indeed!

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