Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Short vs Long Test results

Change that — the rash IS strep. The quickie test was negative, but the overnight test came back positive. And unfortunately overnight became over-the-weekend. His daily intake of pills now includes penicillian.

We're in chaos here — packing has evolved into stacking and stacking into official moving. Due to a steep and narrow driveway, we can only receive one POD at a time and so, that means we'll have to load one ourselves. The movers will take the other. It is HARD work especially with kids underfoot. Thankfully, my mother-in-law came to help out, HOW we need family at times like these. I am so grateful that she came to help out — and being closer to family is one of our major reasons for moving.

Friends are helping out too — we have dinner invitations for 2 nights this week. And to help our transition go more smoothly, our neighbors offered their whole house to us. This will help tremendously with the upcoming transition. At least I think it is a good plan: rather than lose the house, their summer and their Dad all in one day, I will stay in this state after the PODs pull out. I'll spend a week focusing on the kids and summer fun (something we haven't been doing this week at ALL). We'll celebrate DeDe's birthday with her friends. They'll go to Apple Camp (a great freebie I'm hoping will be ideal for both kids but especially my PDD-boy). We'll swim for a day at the beach. And then, we'll drive to Grandaddy and Nana's in NC.

My husband will have to stay behind to work at the soon-to-be former job through the end of the month. And then, we'll be together again by mid-August.

Silver Lining: I've tried hard to manage this move with autism in mind. We've hit a few snags; sickness, rescheduling — but so far, it seems best laid plans are holding the children up pretty well. That's the quick test though isn't it. We'll see how it turn out in the long term — but I have every confidence that being closer to family and back in an area I consider my home turf, this move should turn out to be hugely positive lifestyle adjustment.

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