Saturday, July 2, 2011


We're moving. And although my husband and I have spent months slowly and patiently preparing, explaining and generally selling the children on the whole idea — and we have succeeded because they are looking forward to the "adventure" — no one could escape the rising tide. With a closing date just 2 weeks away, we are all feeling very much underwater and at risk of drowning beneath everything that needs to happen.

But, while I've been expecting C.S. to go under first, DeDe suffers from anxiety, too. And last night, it was DeDe who was seriously floundering under all the pressure. And so I had renewed incentive to make a calendar, a visual organizer of sorts for the move, a suggestion I found at this most helpful link

DeDe was very excited about it. She helped me draw some of the pictures and she colored them all in. This simple visual organizer helped her make just a little more sense of all that was going on and most certainly turned her mood around. C.S. seemed to like it for about two seconds, but the game he was playing on his iPad was much more interesting at the moment.

Silver Lining: There are so many resources available on the internet to help us parents these days! It will be hard, but we won't drown — other parents have thrown out safety rings all along the way.

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