Tuesday, August 30, 2011

PATs and Charts

PATs: We're trying something new in our routine. I've dubbed it Positive Attitude Training, or PATs for short. I'm asking the children to tell us three positive attributes about themselves at the breakfast table. Later, at the dinner table, I ask them to report three good things they did or accomplished plus one positive act they recognized that someone else at the table did that day. So far it is working out great. Not only does it give us a topic of conversation, it really seems to have made a difference in their daily attitude.

Charts: C.S. came home with a new behavior chart — but it's not just for him, it is for the ENTIRE 4th grade. Wow. And I like it, very much. (I'm so impressed with this teacher.) No smiley faces and emoticons this year. In his class planner, his teacher signs off on the day's assignments. The teacher's signature will now be in a color code to signify how my child behaved in class. Yesterday, all the students began with a yellow signature and will move up or down the color list based on his/her behavior.

Here's a list of what each color signifies:
Purple Signature: Your child had an outstanding day!
Green Signature: Your child had a good day.
Yellow Signature: Your child had an average day.
Red Signature: Your child had 2 warnings regarding his/her behavior
Orange Signature: Your child had a "time-out" in another classroom today or had to walk perimeters around the field at recess.
Blue Signature: Your child had a phone call home today due to inappropriate behavior.
Brown Signature: Your child had an office referral for his/her behavior today.

I'm not certain if they intend to have an additional behavior chart for C.S., but I think it will help him a great deal to be in a school culture where everyone has one, not just him.

I'm loving our Move and the many changes that have come with it!

Silver Lining: I have a feeling that C.S.'s teacher has committed herself to being a change factor in this world. I'm glad to have found ourselves in her circle of influence.

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