Thursday, March 8, 2012

Active Duty

Still mulling over things; Monday night's tantrum, my still on-going debate about whether to be so up front with my son's diagnosis or not (despite saying yesterday it was decided)...those sorts of things.

Going to be quick about it:

Diagnosis Debate: One thing is certain, I do a LOT and I do it daily to keep my son balanced and functioning. (For example, yesterday I drove almost 2 hours to a doctor's appointment and 2 hours home again. I have enrolled him in a study on how to combat weight gain in children who take Abilify. He has lost 10 pounds. We are all very happy!) His autism is managed. Almost in defense to my explanation that my son is on the spectrum, I'm often told "he seems like most kids." What most people don't realize is how actively we're working to keep it so he seems like most kids. What is most different right now, is the intensity of our parenting required to achieve his "normalcy."

The tantrum: Inevitable. No lost ground here, just the status quo (even if it didn't feel so). A big aspect of what I do these days is "managing expectations," not only my son's but also my own. To think, "what?! a tantrum, we're back to that?!?" is not productive. Basically, I've decided the best way to summarize the situation is something like this: C.S. loves electronics and screen time. We gave him a hand-me-down iPod. This was a very exciting change for him and it upset the balance we had achieved. We were aware of problems but realized too late that we needed to re-stabilize his relationship with his electronics. Hence tantrum. Lesson learned: There is no "cure," no "fix." We will more than likely always try to be as aware as possible to what is and is not working and if we slip, then we will once do our best to maintain/return to a balance.

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