Monday, March 12, 2012

More Returns

Friday was a rough one featuring yet another flashback from school days past — C.S. bolted. He ran away, out of the school building and hid, out of sight, at the edge of the school grounds. This is something he hasn't done in a long time, something that has never happened at his new school.

Obviously there's more out of balance or off-kilter here than I can blame on a new iPod. I admitted to his classroom teacher that I was at a loss to explain it when she responded, "It's 4th grade boys. It's hormones."

Oh no. Is this what I'm in for?!?!

Silver Lining: He’s growing. He’s maturing. He’s beautiful! He’s mastered so much and I’m sure we have it within us to face the next set of challenges. I am grateful that we have enjoyed “balance” for as long as we have. (I’m thinking it still can’t compare to the havoc wrought by a middle-school aged girl’s hormones, can it?)

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